Monday, December 19, 2022

Jack Ryan - Falcon

Jack Ryan's (John Krasinski) big brain gets him into more trouble in the first episode of the show's Third Season which centers around a defunct Soviet weapons plan to expand the USSR to the Rhine. Part of that plan involved the Sokol Project, an untraceable prototype Soviet nuclear tactical weapon, the manufacturing of was shut down with extreme prejudice decades ago but has been pulled out of mothballs. Heading out into the field with a small unit to find proof of his hunch, Jack will end up running for his life with the realization that the 50 year-old Soviet plan has already been put into motion and he has no idea who he can trust.

Wendell Pierce returns as Jack's old buddy James Greer with new additions being Betty Gabriel as Jack's far-less-supportive superior, whose by-the-book procedures he often has trouble following, and we also get Nina Hoss as Czech President Alena Kovac as a large portion of the show will deal with Russia's current relations with their neighbors, primarily the Czech Republic which will play a pivotal role in the Soviet game plan.

  • Title: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Falcon
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