Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Leverage: Redemption - The Walk in the Woods Job

The apparent murder of Eliot's (Christian Kane) old friend sends the Leverage team after a former soldier (Eric Nenninger) turned head of a private security company who bombed the clinic to prevent the victim from sharing damaging information. To find evidence of the man's misdeeds, the team crashes a gathering of a (rather kooky) secret organization made up of the country's power brokers which their mark's company is providing security for.

Along with the bizarre nature of the gathering of potential future marks, "The Walk in the Woods" offers a little of everything including Parker (Beth Riesgraf) working a safe, Harry (Noah Wyle) pretending to be Eliot, and Sophie (Gina Bellman) pivoting the con when confronted by the mark. With some help from Breanna (Aleyse Shannon), the team manages a public confession that may not change the minds of his clients but does have an effect on his hired soldiers. The episode is also notable for returning to the dangling thread of Eliot's unfinished family business which will be followed up in the next episode.

  • Title: Leverage: Redemption - The Walk in the Woods Job
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