Thursday, December 8, 2022

Cat-Man and Kitten #1

Set after the events of WWII, Dynamite Entertainment's one-shot resurrects the 1940s heroic duo of an orphan raised by tigers in the Burma who would return to civilization to use the powers discovered in the jungles to help the innocent and the young circus acrobat he would take on as his ward. If it sounds a bit like Batman meets Tarzan, well that's exactly what it is. And if that unusual mashup of comic characters sounds good to you, then track down this comic.

The issue opens with the alter-egos of our hero (in the guise of his role as a private detective) attending a private party which is robbed leaving one man dead and a Mayan artifact stolen. Our heroes help track down the idol at a temple deep in the jungles of Mexico with the help of a few friends leading to an unexpected encounter with the Moon Goddess Xichel (because why not?).

Even if it isn't the Catman I most want to see back in comics, and the one-shot does loose a bit of steam layering questions about these characters which a one-shot can't possibly answer, I still quite enjoyed being taken for a ride and I'm a bit sad that this is the only issue we'll get (at least for now). This is the kind of comic I would gladly read more of.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $4.99]

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