Thursday, December 15, 2022

National Treasure: Edge of History - I'm a Ghost

More inspired by than adapted from the National Treasure films, the first episode of National Treasure: Edge of History introduces us to twenty-something puzzle solver Jess Valenzuela (Lisette Olivera) and her group of unimpressive friends. Although Jess has a familial tie to treasure, which we see in the opening scenes taking place two decades earlier, she's completely unaware of them and lacks decades of yearning to see a quest completed. For her, the adventure begins when her boring day job leads her to cross paths with former FBI Agent Peter Sadusky (Harvey Keitel) who starts her on a quest involving an ancient treasure protected by the Freemasons.

Aside from the obivious problem in creating a series like this without its star (Nicolas Cage's absence is sorely felt), National Treasure: Edge of History also screws with the formula of the films a bit too much. Jess is destined to be a treasure protector rather than hunter. And her puzzles, such as standing in a similar way in a photograph, at least so far, aren't all that impressive. While smart and capable at puzzles, she also lacks Ben Gates ability to explain important historical facts and how they relate to the treasure hunt in a corny  but engaging way that earned the original film a sequel and now a, largely-unconnected, TV-series.

Also hunting for the treasure is Catherine Zeta-Jones in a bad wig and her fake FBI goons who apparently can't find anything on their own and need to terrorize an undocumented immigrant only just able to drink in order to find magic boxes that someone lead to treasure (did I mention the show also feels as much Tomb Raider as National Treasure?). The first episode fails in terms of selling me on either these characters or the series, but I'll give it a little while longer to see if the hunt for the treasure picks up.

  • Title: National Treasure: Edge of History - I'm a Ghost
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