Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Good Night Oppy

Examining the lifespan of the two NASA Mars rovers launched in 2003 which explored the planet for years longer than the expected 90 days, Good Night Oppy captures the spirit of space exploration from the creation of Opportunity (nicknamed Oppy) and Spirit to Oppy's final transmission (lasting nearly a decade longer than Spirit, continuing to send data back to NASA as it navigated the Mars surface rewriting the record books on off-world travel for nearly 15 years).

Relying on recreations and video both from NASA and the rovers themselves, along with interviews from NASA scientists and engineers, the documentary captures the highs and lows of the rovers' mission and pride and the problem-solving skills of NASA personnel dealing with unforeseen trouble lightyears away. Good Night Oppy provides an engaging look back at Oppy and heart of NASA who couldn't be prouder of its accomplishments.

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  • Title: Good Night Oppy
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