Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Based on the shorts of the same name, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is a weird, and heartwarming, little film about a talking shell named Marcel (Jenny Slate) who has been separated from the rest of his family other than his grandmother (Isabella Rossellini). A recently separated documentarian (Dean Fleischer-Camp), who moves into the Airbnb where Marcel lives, begins filming Marcel and his inventiveness around the house which will eventually garner attention from YouTube viewers and even 60 Minutes.

The brainchild of Slate and Camp, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On fits into the same niche as Paddington in exploring ideas of family through the eyes of an adorable character without ever being afraid to touch on emotions such as grief and loss. The result is an unusual but uplifting film for audiences of all ages and one of the most unexpected films of 2022.

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  • Title: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
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