Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Zorro: Feliz Navidad

Zorro gets his own Christmas one-shot with Zorro: Feliz Navidad which offers three separate Zorro tales with holiday themes fans may enjoy (although there's no must-read story here). On Christmas Eve our hero fights the soldiers and Don Alvarez who have stolen the Christmas presents from the pueblo in "The Fight Before Christmas" which ends with Zorro delivering the presents to the children.

An early Zorro Christmas tale "Christmas Dinner" is translated into English and reprinted here. The tale may lose a bit in the translation, and lacks much of Zorro, as Don Diego helps Sargent Garcia set a trap to find which of three men is a criminal allowing the other two to enjoy the holiday. And in another reprinted story, a chance encounter with some soldiers on the road accidentally leads them to believe a nearby priest could be Zorro in "The Rosary of Father Joaquin."

[American Mythology, $3.99]

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