Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Almost Paradise - Deus Ex-Wife Machina

The problem with introducing a character's ex on a show like Almost Paradise is the narrow focus on the current contentious relationship without also providing a glimpse of how these characters ever got together. "Deus Ex-Wife Machina" introduces us to Lisa Brenner as Claire who arrives on the island with her new fiancé (Josh Adamson) to force Alex (Christian Kane) to sign divorce papers. Realizing she needs something from him, and he could drag out the process preventing her new marriage, does she come in cordially playing up their history? No, she goes immediately into the ball-busting mode of the cliched ex giving neither Alex nor the audience a reason to offer her the benefit of the doubt. After being married to Alex for long enough to have a child together, she'd definitely know she's picked the wrong tact.

The episode turns into one of Alex's cases when Claire's fiancé is mistaken for Alex and kidnapped by an enemy recently escaped from prison looking for payback. After promising not to get involved, Alex of course does so eventually trading himself for Bob. A large part of the story relies on Bob's skills as an insurance salesman and him creating a relationship with one of the kidnappers which will eventually be key to their escape. While I like Brenner in the role, and the goofy mistaken identity works for the tone of the show, I don't like Claire who seems shocked Alex would be willing to try and save Bob making us wonder if she ever know him at all. It's also far too similar in tone to the arc the show took when Alex's daughter arrived on the island not that long ago.

  • Title: Almost Paradise - Deus Ex-Wife Machina
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