Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Uncanny Avengers #1

With mutants becoming the target of a new fascist terrorist organization known as Orchis, Charles Xavier has moved most Mutants to Krakoa. Those that remain, however, are in danger. The first issue gives us the liberation of an Orchis camp by two X-Men who are aided, and then recruited, by Captain America looking to complete his mashup team of Avengers and X-Men that already includes Deadpool, Rogue, and Quicksilver.

There's not enough here to likely make me stay with the comic for more than an issue or two. However, despite the hodgepodge nature of the group (did someone at Marvel simply draw character names out of a hat?), the comic does have its moments such as Captain America stating his case against conspiracy whackjob fascists (whose hateful rhetoric is sadly all too timely in today's world).

Speaking of Orchis, we do get to see more of Captain Krakoa, someone claiming to be Cyclops while mostly hidden within a Krakoa battle suit, who is putting together his own team in the Mutant Liberation Front. The comic all but confirms it isn't Cyclops. The question is, if he's not Cyclops, what happened to Gail Simone's favorite X-Man?

[Marvel, $4.99]

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