Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Almost Paradise - A Fisherfolk Tale

"A Fisherfolk Tale" pulls Alex (Christian Kane) into a feud between two local fishing families. Introducing Alex's latest purchase, a rundown boat that will likely do nothing to keep his stress levels low, we're also introduced to his friend Ramon (Race Matias) who gets attacked by the rival family who discover his Romeo and Juliet love affair with a member of their family (Gabby Padilla). When Julia's father is murdered, all evidence points to Ramon. Inserting himself into the investigation, Alex works to clear Ramon from the charges (which, of course, would also get him out of jail to get back to work on the broken boat). The humor of the boat, and tying Ramon to it being fixed, adds a nice layer on the classic storyline which eventually leads to uncovering the real motive of the murder just in time to prevent the two families from going to war.

  • Title: Almost Paradise - A Fisherfolk Tale
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