Monday, August 28, 2023

My Adventures with Superman - Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal

"Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal" seeks to take advantage of the current interest in the multiverse in an episode that introduces us to Lois Lanes from across dimensions who banded together to form this series' version of the Council of Ricks. A small group of Lanes intercept Lois (Alice Lee) and Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid) while elsewhere Clark (Jack Quaid) is being tricked by Mr. Mxyzptlk (David Errigo Jr.) into increasing his power. This version of Mxyzptlk isn't so much the prankster seeking mischief, but a deceiver wanting to accrew great power.

The fun from the episode comes from the ways in which "Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal" incorporates several different versions of Lois Lane over the years (and different versions of Superman) along with an alternate female version of Jimmy. Aside from this version of Mxyzptlk not being as wacky as one might hope, the episode is also problematic in terms of Lois Lane as the versions we see here chip away at the intelligence we've seen in the show's version of the character so far. While various versions of Lois may have seen Superman turn evil in certain realities, the xenophobic bigotry they decide to show towards all Supermen (which in this instance actuality helps their enemy Mxyzptlk) is disturbing, especially as they have one of their own vouching for this version of Superman.

  • Title: My Adventures with Superman - Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal
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