Monday, August 21, 2023

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2

The anthology series continues as Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2 delivers three more tales of Harley Quinn in black, white, and red. In "Origin Stories for Dummies" Harley Quinn kidnaps Zatanna demanding a new origin story feeling that she isn't being taken seriously. Despite the objections of both Z and Ivy, Zatanna does what she's asked multiple times (the Aquaman origin being my favorite) but in the end Harley finally realizes her origin is the best of all.

Continuing the wacky fun, Harley invades Gotham's Pet Show to offer her own entry of the punntastically named members of the Legion of Doominals hoping to steal the prize of Best in Show from the League of Super-Pets in "Great Petspectations." Bonus points awarded for including Dex-Starr! The final story, "Coffee and Pie, Oh My," mixes things up with a more frank discussion between Harley and Commissioner Gordon in a pie shop turned crime scene. 

[DC, $4.99]

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