Thursday, August 17, 2023

Maid Droid

This low-budget sci-fi thriller stars Jose Adam Alvarez as a man struggling to get over the break-up with his girlfriend (Kylee Michael). Prompted by a friend (Quentin Boyer), he contacts a company offering the use of a cleaning sexbot he names Mako (Faith West) designed to provide for his every need. Although unsure how much the service costs, and ignoring red flags, it doesn't take long for our lonely white male to become addicted to the service.

Your basic male power fantasy which will inevitably take a dark turn when old experiences are triggered and Mako begins malfunctioning, writer/director Rich Mallery's film isn't notable for much of anything. The entire movie takes place within a suburb home that's as equally bland as the movie's leading man. Even for what amounts to little more than the modern equivalent of a Skinamax After Dark flick, the acting is second-rate (although the dialogue does the actors no favors) and the sex scenes aren't enough to overcome Maid Droid's other shortcomings.

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  • Title: Maid Droid
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