Monday, August 7, 2023

Futurama - Children of a Lesser Bog

"Children of a Lesser Bog" offers one of those episodes of Futurama more memorable for specific moments that an overall story. The episode is the follow-up to the Fourth Season episode involving involving Kif (Maurice LaMarche) giving birth. Now, 20 years later, he and Amy (Lauren Tom) head into the swamps of his homeworld to collect his children (those that aren't massacred in the episode's most gruesome joke). With the children developing in different parts of the swamp the two parents end up with a baby, a teenager, and middle in-between child. The episode plays on the usual tropes of early parenthood and on Leela's (Katey Sagal) role as the biological mother of the children who are drawn to her. It's not one of most memorable episodes of the series, but it does have a nice message about non-biological parenting while giving us a minimum amount of Zapp Brannigan (Billy West) zaniness as well.

  • Title: Futurama - Children of a Lesser Bog
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