Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Moon Knight: City of the Dead #2

The five-issue mini-series continues with Moon Knight searching Duat for the missing Khalil and searching for answers in the underworld with the help of his former girlfriend now spending her days protecting the realm as the Scarlet Scarab. The comic gives us a one-page Cliff's Notes version of Layla's journey from archeologist to protector of the City of the Dead in a lull in the pair's search before things heat up once more.

Although the heroes don't find Khalil, they do find several other children allowing Moon Knight to deduce just what the Jackal Knight wants with them. Despite the tease of all the super-villains we were going to get in this issue, they are saved for the very end and (somewhat surprisingly) prove enough to take down Moon Knight while Layla gets the kids to safety. The, sadly, we're left with just the unmasking of Marc's tormentor which is the definition of anti-climactic.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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