Friday, August 4, 2023


The English-language Spanish film follows a trio of Egyptian mummies who leave the underworld and travel to London in search of a ring stolen by a modern-day graverobber (Hugh Bonneville). Our trio includes pair of mismatched mummies in a spoiled princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) and former chariot racer (Joe Thomas) suffering from PTSD, chosen to be wed by a flaming bird against their will (albeit through a mistake), and his younger brother (Santiago Winder) and pet lizard.

The predictable tale follows the characters searching for the ring, being mesmerized by the modern world, and fighting of the evil archeologist who eventually follows them back into the underworld. The story is more than a little hit-and-miss, never really deciding how human the mummies should be or how exactly their underworld works. It features a number of original songs all of which are overshadowed by the use of The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" during the mummies' shopping spree (so obviously a highlight it's brought back for the closing scene).

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  • Title: Mummies
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