Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Burn Notice - Enemy of My Enemy

To help protect a CIA asset and recover a weapons drone in the hands of Serbian terrorists Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) puts Sam (Bruce Campbell) in danger by using him to help convince Miami's second-largest heroin dealer (Todd Stashwick) that the Serbians are the ones who stole his latest shipment.

Things get dicey when those in control of CIA support for the mission have a bad history with Sam and are unwilling to call in the cavalry for someone who isn't "mission critical." After the location of the the drone is discovered it's up to Michael, Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), and Jesse (Coby Bell) to save Sam from a drug kingpin who has threatened to kill Mr. Westen the next time he sees him.

The episode's B-story involves the continued investigation into the death of Max (Grant Show). Fiona and Madeline (Sharon Gless) are able to sweet talk their way into the DMV to find a match for the stand-in used to help frame Michael for the crime. It turns out this might not have been his only assignment as Michael and Sam witness him receiving a Glock near an abandoned warehouse from mysterious men in a sedan.

When it was first introduced I expected the frame job to be more effective and that we'd see Mike and the gang on the run for most of the season. Instead the show has kept the frame away from the lead agent in charge (Lauren Stamile) and allowed Michael and his team the time and room to search for the real killer. We'll have to wait and see how long this trend continues.

As to the main story, the level of danger Michael puts Sam in doesn't sit to well with Fiona, or Michael himself once the CIA balks at supporting a mission asset. The mission to help frame the Serbians turns out well, and Michael puts himself on the line at the end, but Sam's safety is compromised for most of the episode. On the lighter note, we do get Jesse's humorous reaction to Michael's bachelor pad with the "improvements" Fiona has made since moving in.

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