Thursday, August 25, 2011

If I Rebooted the DCU (Part Two)

With DC Comics reboot of their entire universe with 52 new first issues looming ever closer I continue to take a look at what I would do if I rebooted the DCU.

Where I could I kept ideas DC wanted to explore in the relaunch (when not incredibly stupid like Voodoo), and even included titles I'm personally not all that high on but characters I know have a devoted fan base. You'll find I've also kept far more of the current titles than DC's proposed reboot, and brought back a few personal favorites as well.

There are a few titles I've assigned specific artists and writers for, but for the most part I've left those as open spots to be filled. If you've got ideas, please leave a comment. You'll also find that more than a quarter of my choices focus on female leads, including five on this second list.

Part One examined most of the DCU's big names (other than Batman) which make up the core of the DCU such as Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Part Two focuses on the Bat-titles. Part Three will focus on most of the team-based titles. And Part Four will wrap everything else into one final list with DC's magic titles and few other familiar faces as well.

Now on to Part Two...

Detective Comics
writer Scott Snyder

We'll begin with Batman's longest running title, and throughout many parts of his history, his best. I've been impressed with Scott Snyder's recent run on the title and would give him first shot here. The title should be a good mix of Batman stories as well stories surrounding Batman's supporting cast such as Snyder's recent James Gordon Jr. story arc.


I see Batman as focused more on Batman solo-action with appearances by Robin and other members of the Bat-Family from time to time. Oh, and since it's my Batman I'm going to return him to his classic look complete with a lighter blue trunks, cape and cowl, and (most importantly) the prominent yellow Bat-symbol on his chest.

Batman and Robin
writer Judd Winick

Despite its rocky beginnings as a Grant Morrison title this one has had its moments and I'm inclined to make sure at least one of the Bat-titles includes Damian every single month. I also wouldn't be opposed to occasional stories, from time to time, where Damian took the lead with Batman as only a supporting character. I'd be pleased if Judd Winick would stay with the title, but honestly I'd be open to anyone not named Grant Morrison.

Legends of the Dark Knight

I really liked the idea of Legends of the Dark Knight when it first appeared as an anthology of Batman's early adventures. As part of the reboot I'd bring the title back with rotating teams of writers and artists focused on delving into Batman's rich history, retelling classic tales from a new point of view, and filling in gaps in Batman's history with new stories.


Dick Grayson really came into his own the past couple of years as Batman. Now returned to his former alter-ego as Nightwing it's going to be a challenge to keep the character at the same level and not allow him to fall into B-Batman stories. DC's choice for a writer is Kyle Higgins, but I'd be open to other suggestions.

Red Robin
writer Fabian Nicieza, artist Marcus To

With only a couple of bumps along the way Fabian Nicieza and Marcus To were able to provide a new identity and engaging story arc for Tim Drake. I'd like to see more of the same.

Red Hood
writer Gail Simone

DC seems intent on giving Jason Todd his own book. I don't mind, I'd just prefer they do it without including Starfire and Speedy. I'd like to see this book focused on the struggle of Todd coming to terms with the reality of his situation and an attempt at redemption not that disimilar from Catman's struggle at the beginning of Secret Six. Gail Simone was able to bring Thomas Blake back from laughingstock to respectability, I'd be curious to see what she would do with a character like Jason Todd.

writers Ed Brubaker and John Rucka

It's been too long since Gotham Central went away. The cops of Gotham City (including Renee Montoya, who I would return to the force) deserve their own title. My first choice would be to see Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka return to helm the project but their current commitments make it unlikely. I'd be open to other possibilities.

writer Bryan Q. Miller

Why mess with a great thing? Stephanie Brown's tenure of Batgirl continues without any further interruption. The stage is yours Miss Brown, go kick some ass.

writer Bryan Q. Miller

I see this title replacing DC's current Superman/Batman run with a far more interesting pairing of young heroines, and genuine friends, who would be able to lean on each other and grow together as heroes. I'd give Bryan Q. Miller free run on the book to see how much trouble he could get Stephanie and Kara into every month. I'd guess quite a bit, almost all of it wildly entertaining.

The Black Bat

Cassandra Cain works far better for me as the Black Bat then she ever did as Batgirl. I'd give the character her own title under her current moniker, but it would be the one Bat-title I'd keep out of Gotham. I like the idea of Cain as a roving agent overseas which would also give the book a unique international feel among the Bat-titles ('cause I'm sure as hell not keeping Batman, Inc.).

writers J. H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman, artist J. H. Williams III

I was far less impressed with Batwoman's rebirth into Gotham than most were, but understanding her appeal I'm including this one as another Bat-Family title. J. H. Williams III (the artist on Rucka's run, who will also do the art here) and W. Haden Blackman have been tapped by DC to write the new title. I'm willing to give them a chance.

writer Gail Simone

Whether in a wheel chair or in a Bat-suit, Barbara Gordon deserves her own title penned by Gail Simone. As the character has been defined her entire life by struggle I'd prefer the character to at least begin in the wheelchair (and preferably stay there as I think handicapped Barbara is a far more interesting and unique character), but I would be open to the slow improvement of her condition, which would make for some great storytelling. One of the big whiffs in DC's relaunch is to put Barbara immediately back into the Bat-suit, instead of taking the time to follow her through the journey. Although the title would incorporate Babs other interests with appearances by the Birds of Prey and Batgirl, it would focus primarily on Barbara and her behind-the-scenes adventures as Oracle (or whatever she's calling herself now) and her personal journey and physical and mental struggle to regain what she's lost (without losing who she's become over the years).

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