Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Intrepids #6 (of 6)

I really enjoyed the first couple of issues of this mini-series about a team of children raised to take down mad scientists. The last couple of issues have lost a little steam, but this finale brings back pieces of what made those first few issues so strong (including killer cyber-bears, a trained battalion of baboons, and cyborgs) as The Intrepids turn their attention on the real villain in their midst, the man who trained and "improved" them: Dante.

I happy the Dante storyline was wrapped up with the final issue of the mini-series. If the team does earn a second mini-series, or an on-going title, I'll be glad to see them start fresh without the spectre of Dante still hanging over them.

Issue #6 is a good conclusion to a series that's given us some great moments (and memorable panels). It might not be as strong from beginning to end as I'd like, but where else do you see a grizzly bear with a mini-gun strapped to his back? There's enough here that I'd be willing to give a second mini-series a chance as well. Worth a look.

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