Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Morning Glories #11

Following the recent trend to spend each issue focusing on a single character the latest issue of Morning Glories showcases Ike, the weaselly member of the group who has already betrayed the other new arrivals for a cushy new room an all kinds of special perks. Now Mr. Gribbs has another tempting offer for Ike: He will be allowed to leave the school just by doing it a small favor.

Much like the previous issues focused on the other members of the group we get plenty of flashbacks into Ike's life including the aftermath of a murder he committed, being charged with the murder of his father, showing up drunk on a party bus at his father's funeral, and acting like a real douche to the members of the board when he takes control of his father's company.

The entire issue is centered around temptation. First Ike is offered his freedom by Gribbs, and then more amorous pursuits by Ms. Daramount, and all he has to do is commit one simple murder. However, in true Morning Glories style, the issue gives us a final twist when Ike learns the identity of his intending victim. Worth a look.

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