Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red Robin #26

It's all lead up until this moment where Tim Drake decides what kind of a hero, and what kind of a man, he wants to be. He's taken on Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins, an evil Internet, Catman, and even had time for a little romance, but nothing has prepared him for what happens next. Red Robin comes face-to-face with Captain Boomerang, the man who murdered his father.

In a logical manner Tim has left breadcrumbs for Captain Boomerang to follow, with each selfish decision further closing the noose around his neck and putting him in harm's way. Red Robin actually carefully orchestrated Boomerang's death at the hands of Mr. Freeze, only to have second thoughts at the last minute, deciding he needs to do the job himself.

In the end Red Robin can neither allow Mr. Freeze or himself to kill Captain Boomerang. He skates a thin line but still comes out the hero. The issue ends with short conversations with Dick Grayson and Batman receptively, which showcase how closely each was watching Tim's methods.

The series ends with Red Robin still teetering on the precipice, knowing he can take Gotham for his own, but not quite sure what he'll have to become in order to do so. The conversation with Bruce that leaves Tim speechless shows us how far, in both good and bad ways, he's come over the past two years. It's a somber, and somewhat chilling, ending given how dark Tim has allowed himself to go, but its also a strong finale to what has been one of my favorite DC titles month after month.

Although Red Robin has survived the DC Reboot (with a somewhat ridiculous costume change) this title is sadly going away. Red Robin will only appear in the new Teen Titans (with other redesigned and costume challenged teen heroes) as his own title will not be getting a reboot. So grab this last chance to read Red Robin's solo adventures while you can. It's worth it. Must-read.

[DC, $2.99]

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