Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mighty Thor #4

I've never been a huge Thor fan. I enjoy the character in certain stories, usually in group titles like the Avengers. Although I've warmed to the character a little in recent years his supporting cast (Odin and the Marvel Comics version of the Norse Gods of Asgard) still hold little interest for me.

However, I am a big fan of the Silver Surfer who is probably my favorite Marvel Comics hero (though not character). You don't see much of the Surfer in current Marvel titles, and I'm okay with that as he is one of the hardest characters to write well.

In this opening story arc of The Mighty Thor writer Matt Fraction tries his hand at the character, with mixed success. The comic, involving the Surfer's quest to pry away an energy source that could appease Galactus' hunger for years from the Asgardians, definitely has had its moments (including some nice throwdown action between Thor and the Surfer). The more metaphysical fight between Galactus and Odin (who Fraction seems to put on the same plane as Galactus power-wise) doesn't fair so well.

My biggest issue with the comic so far is Fraction's dialogue between the Surfer and Galactus which seems to put the herald back in his place (you know, the one he outgrew over 40 years ago). This Surfer is far too subservient and lacking the innate nobility I've come to expect over the years (even Thor is more bloodthirsty in this title). Thankfully, this issue moves past these conversations and straight to the action.

The Surfer's scenes with Thor work much better, but the nagging issue of the character's loss of voice really bothered me (and made it hard for me to initially try and figure out when this story is actually taking place). Still, issue #4 has plenty of action including Thor's attempt to kill Galactus, kamikaze style. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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