Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leverage - The Boiler Room Job

The team faces one of their toughest challenges yet when they take on con man aristocracy. There latest mark (David Rees Snell) is the youngest of a long line of great con men, who knows every con in the book. He's so observant it only takes him a cursory glance to conclude Nate (Timothy Hutton) and Sophie's (Gina Bellman) relationship (much to the shock of the rest of the team).

Aside from the interesting challenge of attempting to con one of the world's foremost con men the episode also returns FBI Agent McSweeten (Gerald Downey) and FBI Agent Taggert (Rick Overton) for brief cameos and gives Elliot (Christian Kane) a humorous role in the con as a crazed jungle tracker.

The final twist which involves sleight of hand (or, if you prefer, the moonwalking bear), is one of the show's best as it allows the victims of the crime to be on hand when the con man, who has correctly identified the con, is still outwitted by the Leverage gang.

The episode also delivers a new twist to the procedings with the return of Leon Rippy as Jack Ladamore, the mysterious man who was snooping into the gang's business earlier this season. His intentions are finally revealed, but it turns out their the farthest thing from revenge. The investment fund manager has found a way to profit from the Leverage team's takedowns, and the offer he gives Nate, although somewhat unseemly, is going to be hard to refuse.

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