Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten #3

The return of Dracula is always a good sign, starting with Xander and Dawn traveling to the vampire's castle to enlist Dracula's help to deal with the new kind of vampires who possess several of his skills as well as being able to fight in sunlight.

Thanks don't get any easier for Xander once transporting his former master back to America, although Dracula does give thought to enlisting Andrew as his new manservant. The villain's inevitable turn after deciphering how valuable the Vampyr tome is to the new laws of magic set up serious ramifications for all involved - especially Xander. The tension between Xander and Dawn continues to grow producing both humorous and awkward moments such as Xander's reaction go Giles trying to play Grand Theft Auto like a gentleman.

Co-written by Nicholas Brendon the dialogue feels as sharp as ever, and not just with Xander as Buffy and Willow share the kind of bestie moment we haven't seen between them in quite some time. Must-Read.

[Dark Horse, $2.99]

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