Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1

The first issue of the new Star Wars mini-series Star Wars: Rebel Heist, taking place during the same period between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back as the current ongoing Dark Horse comic, is presented from the view of a new Rebel recruit who meets Han Solo for the first time. It's certainly a memorable meeting.

Our narrator's name is never given as his opinion of Corellia's most infamous son goes from awe to disbelief to exasperation as Solo navigates the alleys and skies above his homeworld only to get the pair eventually captured and then interrogated by Imperial agents.

With each issue centering around the combination of both a core Star Wars character and original characters to the expanded Star Wars Universe Star Wars: Rebel Heist gets off to a good start here. I like Marco Castiello's art (even if some panels do feel a bit rushed) and Matt Kindt captures Solo through the eyes of of a hero-worshiping fanboy in way over his head. Worth a look.

[Dark Horse, $3.50]

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