Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Blacklist - Berlin

After revealing all she knows about Tom (Ryan Eggold) to the FBI and putting in her resignation, Lizzie (Megan Boone) gets roped into working one last case involving a man (Victor Cruz) infected with a viral strain of the most dangerous pathogen, so lethal its been outlawed by world governments even for study, which Reddington (James Spader) believes is only the first part of a larger plot by his unknown enemy "Berlin." When they find an used antidote on the victim the FBI discovers the armored car guard was being extorted for daily doses of the life-saving cure only as long as he continued to follow the orders of the scientist (Brennan Brown) who exposed him to the disease.

Reddington visits a mental asylum to talk with a formerly brilliant (John Glover) who, despite his craziness, leads the FBI to a member of the CDC working on the outside and using his research to weaponize the virus as a means of blackmail. Given the revelations of last week Lizzie and Reddington's relationship remains strained throughout the case. Turning the tables on the mad scientist, Lizzie infects the doctor with his own virus to offer the names of his victims which the FBI all links to an airport and leads her to uncover not only the reasons behind the biological attacks but the truth behind The Blacklist as well.

Despite knowing her resignation means the disbandment of the team and rendition of Reddington, Lizzie stands firm. However, after going over her notes and the transcript of Tom's reports to his superiors (which Red offers her as an olive branch) she begins to have second thoughts when she realizes what The Blacklist's true purpose is Reddington putting the FBI to use to fight an enemy which he can no longer battle alone. Each name on the list not only helped the FBI take down a high-value target but was also a way for Reddington to gain information about his unknown adversary and providing one of the world's most ruthless men with protection from someone even he fears (who the episode also confirms Tom works for).

As the various poisoned dupes fulfill their purpose, allowing Berlin access into the country (by means which suggests he is a wanted man whose face is well-known), the FBI steps in to stop the plane from landing eventually shooting it down with the help of the U.S. Military. With Reddington arrested, Lizzie's stuck in a no-win situation, and Reddington's boogeyman crashing down just miles away ready to begin a war on the same soil the stage is set for next week's season finale which I would expect would lay the groundwork for the resumption of somthing akin to the First Season status quo but perhaps not until after a cliffhanger leaving Red or Lizzie's life hanging in the balance.

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