Monday, May 19, 2014

Continuum - Waning Minute

The imprisonment of Curtis Chen (Terry Chen) in the Freelancers prison alongside one of the two Alec Sadlers (Erik Knudsen) and Stefan Jaworski (Mike Dopud), a criminal from her own time, create an extended flashback to Kiera's (Rachel Nichols) time with the Jaworski at an illegal farming community in the future after a transport crashed that left Kiera cut-off from her CMR. Recent betrayals, and reliving those moments, will leave Kiera Cameron changed forever as an episode spent entirely in her past may have the greatest impact of shaping her future.

Two members of the compound are revealed to the audience to be Sonya (Lexa Doig) and Kagame (Tony Amendola). The corporations choosing the inevitable destruction of the illegal facility once Kagame's presence is established is the push that forces Sonya, here only a doctor for the collective, into her new role as part of Liber8. As to that's why Kagame allowed his presence to be known (earning a necessary recruit for his plans down the line), or if the destruction of the collective fit into his plans in other ways, that's a question to which neither the episode nor Kiera attempts to offer any possible answers.

Spending nearly the entire episode in this flashback caused by Kiera seeing Jaworksi once more, and sharing that story with Catherine (Rachael Crawford), crystallize a decision in Kiera the ramifications which will likely color the rest of the season and possibly beyond. Putting her doubts aside, it appears Kiera has finally chosen her path as she ominously remarks her eyes have indeed been open. Along with Kagame winning over Sonya, we also are given scenes between the elderly Alec Sadler (William B. Davis) and Kiera's husband (John Reardon) who believes she is dead during her missing days. In both conversations the value of human life in the corporate state are discussed from very different perspectives. As to which path the protector now walks, and what serves her best interests and a return home to her family, we'll just have to wait and see.

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