Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Mentalist - Black Hearts

The ongoing human trafficking story comes to a close as Wiley's (Joe Adler) digging leads to a big break for the FBI when the tech is able to link both the truck used to transport 30 young women across the border into Mexico and the closed-down medical facility where other woman were harvested for their organs back to a single suspect: Michael Ridley (Titus Welliver). DNA from 15 women killed in the clinic and that of a single man also leads Fischer (Emily Swallow) and Cho (Harry Groener) to track down a former surgeon (Robert Joy) who they hope has the answers they need to finding the missing cargo container of girls now believed to be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ridley's attempt to have the surgeon killed before the doctor can picked up by the FBI fails, but it turns out the man has only limited information to give and Ridley is soon out on bail. As for the doctor, Ridley sends another of his men (John Hensley) to threaten the doctor's daughter (Magda Apanowicz) forcing the doctor to kill himself and the FBI's case against Ridley in a single move. With anyone who could possibly tie the mastermind to his crimes, and lead the FBI to the missing women, turning up dead, Jane enlists the help of Lisbon (Robin Tunney) for one of his most outlandish stunts yet by drugging the man and setting up an elaborate scenario where Ridley confesses believing Jane and Lisbon are ready harvest his organs for revenge.

As the arc comes to a close Cho is able to reunite Daniela (Zuleyka Silver) with her sister and bring home the other missing girls from Colombia. Throughout the episode Lisbon gives serious thought to relocating to D.C. with Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal), who is growing a bit antsy at this point, and (now on thin ice after Jane's latest stunt and being a bit swept off her feet by the inciting offer of a new job awaiting her in the nation's capital) decides to accept his offer. This sets up next week's season finale and Lisbon and Jane's "final case" together... at least until the show returns next season.

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