Sunday, May 11, 2014

Continuum - Wasted Minute

Out of time, and with Catherine (Rachael Crawford) out of patience, Kiera (Rachel Nichols) must protect her timeline and perform the task which the Freelancers sent her one week backwards in time to accomplish and choose which one of the two Alec Sadlers (Erik Knudsen) must die. With one freezing her out and the other preparing to disappear with Emily (Magda Apanowicz), Kiera must choose which one holds the most promise to bring about the world in which she was born.

Meanwhile Kiera and Carlos (Victor Webster) also must contend with Liber8's new plan after Travis (Roger R. Cross) and Sonya (Lexa Doig) steal chemical waste which can be used to manufacturer a biological weapon. Tasking one of the Alecs with going to work on creating a cure if worst comes to worse and the other on finding the tanker truck, and with the help of Betty, Kiera and Carlos are able to find Liber8's warehouse but not before Liber8 creates a public relations disaster that effectively takes down own of the biggest corporations of their time well before they can grow into that role and is effective enough to even leave Kiera with doubts.

Carlos' enthusiasm for arresting the head of the chemical company during a press conference isn't taken well with the brass and he discovers even his free speech comes with a price as the show begins to hint that this timeline's version of Carlos might eventually end up in a similar place as the other one did in the first timeline. When the two Alecs come to blows Kiera's hand is forced as she chooses to betray the time-traveling Alec Sadler and turn him over to the Freelancers (leaving Alec to the same fate she herself suffered at the beginning of the season). Still processing that betrayal, the data from the dead Keira's CMR finally becomes available and she learns that one (Terry Chen) of her new friends is responsible for her murder leaving her partnership with the Freelancers on extremely shaky ground.

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