Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Mentalist - Blue Bird

When the FBI receive a note from killer threatening to come out of retirement unless the FBI stops him, Lisbon's (Robin Tunney) transfer to D.C. is put on hold as she, Jane (Simon Baker), Fischer (Emily Swallow), and Cho (Harry Groener) head down to Miami on one last case together. While questioning the husband (Vincent Spano) and daughter (Haley Hudson) of the first victim, the victim's former business partner (Victoria Smurfit), and the original suspect (George Finn) who was eventually cleared Jane shows each of them the killer's note not realizing just how many will act on it before the season finale comes to a close.

Lisbon can't fail but notice the snide remarks and asides Jane makes about her impending departure to Washington with Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal), however what she doesn't discover until halfway through the season finale is that the entire investigation is one of Jane's stunts designed to spend a few more days with her and give the Mentalist one last chance to convince her not to leave.

After Lisbon storms out in a huff, and Cho and Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar) choose to remain in the hotel dining room, Jane's little charade starts to pay off as family lawyer (Jason Brooks), the once-promising lead suspect, and the actual killers (Smurfit, DeWanda Wise) all decipher the clue and show to Jane's hotel room leading to a Mexican standoff in a half-drunk Jane's hotel room that gets more than one person shot before Abbott and Cho arrive as back-up.

With the show's return in doubt during the writing and filming of the episode (CBS has since announced The Mentalist will return for a Seventh Season) the finale offers a sappy last-minute race to the airport and a declaration of love that may or may not please The Mentalist fanbase. Personally, I felt when Jane abandoned Lisbon mid-season (for two years) I thought the show had made a decision not easily walked back from. The introduction of both Pike and Fischer also offered intriguing new possibilities for both characters. I'm not against putting Jane and Lisbon together (especially in a finale), but I'm also not sure I'm ready for a full (and likely final) season of them as a couple, either.

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