Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Agent X - Back in Your Arms

A call from an old girlfriend (Carolyn Stotesbery) puts John (Jeff Hephner) in the middle of the murder of a Washington power broker and the attempt coup d'etat of a small group within the government who plan to blackmail their way to power. Offering audiences a short glimpse at the life John may have had if he hadn't accepted his role as a secret agent, "Back in Your Arms" also allows the spy to make up for the manner in which he ended their relationship by at least keeping the woman he loved alive.

Aside from nagging issues that still bother me, such as constantly putting both the President (John Shea) and Vice President (Sharon Stone) in danger at the same location, something Secret Service protocols wouldn't likely allow, Agent X delivers another goofy but entertaining episode that includes strange Russian bunkers hidden underneath Washington D.C. full of the kind of intelligence to take over the country. Hephner and Stotesbery work well together, although I did miss Olga Fonda whose crazy Russian spy added some extra zaniness in the first two episodes of the series.

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