Sunday, November 8, 2015

Titans Hunt #1

Seizing on the opportunities left by Convergence introducing heroes from multiple versions of the DCU, Titans Hunt is an attempt to undo one of the many mistakes of the New 52 that did away with the original Teen Titans. The first issue checks in with the current characters each beginning to think there may be a large piece of their past missing from their memories.

I'm happy to see DC finally get around to acknowledging Dick Grayson's original team of adolescent heroes and bringing characters like Donna Troy into the New 52. While many of the original team will be part of this series it seems there are some important absences. Kid Flash is the obvious missing piece of the puzzle as the current version of Wally West hasn't found his super-speed yet and apparently the comic has no plans in resurrecting the original for this series.

I'm also curious to see what the end goal of this series proves to be. As I don't see the heroes re-teaming up going forward, I wonder if this will be their only entry (and exit) into the New 52 DCU or whether DC may considering offering us "past" adventures of the group going forward. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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