Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Legends - The Legend of Dmitry Petrovich

Following the events of last season's finale in which Martin (Sean Bean) was framed for a murder he didn't commit, Legends begins its Second Season which is a major departure from the structure of the show's First Season. Hiding out in London, Martin continues to try and piece together his past while searching for someone inside MI6 who may have answers to his past. The only other regular from the previous season to make an appearance is Morris Chestnut as Tony Rice who shows up in London under the premise of a vacation with his family in order to deliver his former colleague some intelligence which may aid Martin in his search.

The structure and setting of the first episode helps shake up the routine the show fell into last season. It's one of the more intense changes in a show's basic set-up but it works in the premiere's favor. I'm curious to see how many familiar faces will pop-up over the course of the season or if the rest of the cast has indeed moved on to other projects. I have mixed feelings, however, about how the show is structured while giving us glimpses into Martin's childhood as well as events from more than a decade earlier which may or may not be tied to the answers Martin seeks. The show also introduces us to Agent Curtis Ballard (Steve Kazee) who has a personal score to settle with one of Martin's legends (the same legend which gives the episode its title and whose flashbacks are tied to a woman and her daughter now living in London) which will no doubt put him on a collision course with our protagonist before too long.

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