Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Agent X - The Devil & John Case

A lead about the group attempting to overthrow the government sends John (Jeff Hephner) to a Mexican town in search of the journal of a dead agent killed by a local thug known as El Diablo (Arturo del Puerto). With the local populace scared to death of El Diablo the only friend John makes on his trip is a local police officer (Angélica Celaya) willing to risk anything to get justice for her slain friend and bring real change to the town.

Complete with catacombs and a secret room underneath the town's church and a fight to the death between our super-spy and the local devil, "The Devil & John Case" doesn't lack for action. Picking up on the thread of a previous episode, the Vice President (Sharon Stone) talks with a political rival (Mike Colter) about what she assumes is her husband's affair unaware that both the politician and the woman (Talia Toms) were involved in something far more nefarious. The politician is all to willing to accept and build on the VP's mistaken conclusion about the pictures of her husband allowing him to forge a relationship which will likely due neither the Vice President nor John any good in the coming weeks.

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