Sunday, November 8, 2015

iZombie - Love & Basketball

While struggling with the reigniting of her romance with Major (Robert Buckley), Liv (Rose McIver) chows down on the brains of a youth basketball coach to help solve the man's murder. Merging her coach's can-do attitude, the need for the team without a coach, and seizing up Major's need to reconnect with the man he used to be, Liv sets up her former boyfriend with a new position hoping the coaching job will help Major reconnect with the reason he became a social worker in the first place. Meanwhile Major struggles with his list of possible zombies, refusing to kill a loving father and husband who is living out his life without letting his new condition effect his loved ones. No doubt Major's mercy, especially if continued, will have consequences for the zombie killer down the line.

The episode's B-story involves Blaine (David Anders) tracking down the drug dealer who supposedly created the tainted Utopium responsible for the zombie outbreak, but also zombifying the man to force the reluctant chemist to recreate the formula. The plan doesn't go all that well as Ravi's (Rahul Kohli) methodical attempts to recreate the cure lead to an unexpected visit from the former zombie king and his new disciple and an unfortunate discovery that leaves their chemist dead and Ravi being responsible for creating a lethal zombie-killing formula that could do quite a bit of damage to the city's new undead population. If Major learns of the new chemical will he seize on the opportunity to grab it for himself? And what happens if Max Rager's scientists, who now have a sample of Liv's blood, also get their hands on the toxin?

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