Thursday, November 12, 2015

Uncanny X-Men #600

Brian Michael Bendis' run on Uncanny X-Men comes to an end with the return of the original volume's numbering structure (in yet another example of Marvel's bizarre system where 600 immediately follows 35). The oversized issue brings a close various plot threads explored in his run, finds a way to bring Cyclops (at least partially) back into the larger X-Men family, the Beast being called on his (many) questionable decisions, and makes a couple of statements concerning the love lives of some of the time-displaced X-Men that other writers will have to sort out.

Uncanny X-Men #600 is a good, but sadly not great, issue that is still worth a look. Iceman confronting himself about his sexuality proves to be a nice moment for both versions of the character. I'm a little less sure of the choice to pair Jean Grey and the younger Beast romantically (and honestly would like to see these characters returned home). Cyclops' big arc ends with more of a whimper than a bang and the issue is unnecessarily expanded to throw in an Iceman back-up story whose sole purpose seems to be an attempt to justify the $6 cover price.

[Marvel, $5.99]

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