Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Librarians and the Hollow Men

Flynn (Noah Wyle) and Moriarty (David S. Lee) both return in the latest episode as Flynn is kidnapped by a confused stranger (Drew Powell) while working to recover items which have disappeared from The Library. While Eve (Rebecca Romijn) teams-up with the fictional villain to find the missing Librarian, the rest of the group returns to an increasingly erratic Library which Jenkins (John Larroquette) believes is slowly dying.

Powell is the latest Leverage alumni to make an appearance on the show. While a bit goofy, the idea of a living heart of The Library in human form walking around the outside world confused and disoriented is an intriguing idea. Flynn carries much of the episode leaving the rest of the Librarians to work together to halt The Library's slow demise. And while things have cooled between Flynn and Eve, "And the Hollow Men" continues to tease the chemistry between the guardian and Sherlock Holmes' greatest adversary which I'm interested to see continue. And she's not the only one as Cassandra (Lindy Booth) gets momentarily swept up by Moriarty's charm as well.

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