Monday, November 9, 2015

Elementary - The Past Is Parent

Elementary opens its Fourth Season with the future of Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) in doubt following both his vicious attack on Oscar (Michael Weston) and drug relapse in last season's finale. Facing possible criminal prosecution from the District Attorney's office, Holmes also must deal with the news that regardless of the DA's decision both Holmes and Watson (Lucy Liu) days as official consultants for the NYPD have come to an end. While this is likely just a temporary bump in the road for the detectives it does introduce a new wrinkle to the series with Holmes and Watson likely taking non-department cases for the foreseeable future.

Approached by a suicidal murder who claims innocence of one death while admitting to two killings, Holmes spends what could be his last few days of freedom on one more case with Watson looking into the disappearance of the man's wife and another woman whose pasts Holmes believes may have come back to haunt them. Although far from his last case, the murder of the week has a few twists and turns before Holmes and Watson are able to nag their killer (David Zayas). As to the larger question of Sherlock's future, Elementary finally introduces John Noble as the detective's elusive father who has arrived in town to help clean up his son's latest mess.

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