Sunday, November 29, 2015

Longmire - Help Wanted

There are two major storylines at play in "Help Wanted." The first concerns Walt (Robert Taylor) whittling down a pool of applicants to find a permanent replacement for Branch (Bailey Chase). Walt's unusual tactics include having the applicants show off their skills on the shooting range, do a little light work in the field, and attend a book club meeting for Of Mice and Men. How they relate to the end of the Steinbeck's novel turns out to be as important to the town's sheriff as any other aspect of their tryout. Although the process doesn't make the sheriff any new fans, by the end Walt finds the right man for the job.

The second story involves the crime of the week when two different armed robberies are committed in Absaroka county on the same day. When one of the victims turns out to be Greg Collette (Brendan Fehr), whose wife (Briana Evigan) killed herself a few months ago because of her inability to manage her PTSD, Walt also takes a look at the local veterans support group and the doctor (Amanda Brooks) who runs the local clinic. Although the sheriff knows the two crimes are linked, even before tying a gun to both shootings, he struggles to understand how at least until he discovers the crimes happened out of order. Now understanding the real reason behind the theft of a drug shipment and Greg's true involvement in the sordid affair Walt is able to catch the criminals in the act, even if it almost costs him his life.

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