Friday, January 8, 2016

Dragons: Race to the Edge - Crushing It

Learning that his father's anger is driving everyone in Berk crazy, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) invites Stoick (Nolan North) back to Dragon's Edge to help the Dragon Riders capture the elusive Rumblehorn which keeps destroying the group's camp. Both the return of his son and the thrill of a new adventure lift the chief's spirits as he and Hiccup are finally able to find the destructive, but not deadly, dragon whose true motives are more complicated than either Viking can guess.

"Crushing It" allows the show to return to the father/son relationship which was the heart of the first movie but hasn't been a large part of the series since Hiccup and his Dragon Riders decided to migrate to Dragon's Edge. Skullcrusher is a worthy addition to the show's stable of dragons and, as Gobber (Chris Edgerly) notes, a good match for Stoick.

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