Thursday, January 28, 2016

Star Wars Rebels - The Protector of Concord Dawn

After Hera (Vanessa Marshall) is injured while acting on Sabine's (Tiya Sircar) plan to negotiate with Mandalorians whose planet could offer the Rebellion an alternate hyperspace route to Lothal, Sabine stows away on Kanan's follow-up mission. While the Jedi attempts once again to appeal to the Mandalorian leader Fenn Rau, Sabine provides an explosive back-up plan for when things inevitably go wrong.

With so many of the recent episodes centered around Ezra (Taylor Gray) and introducing characters from The Clone Wars, "The Protector of Concord Dawn" offers a chance not only to reintroduce the Mandalorians but also let Sabine be the lead character for most of the episode. As is her nature, Sabine finds a way to use her experience and Kanan's wisdom to bridge the gap from the world she was born into and the one she has chosen in order to help the pair get off Concord Dawn with their lives (and the right to use the hyperspace route). In a season where the darkness seems to be creeping in from all sides, our heroes earn themselves a solid victory.

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