Monday, January 4, 2016

Galavant - A New Season AKA Suck It Cancellation Bear

ABC's musical adventure comedy returns for a Second Season with Galavant (Harry Collett) and Richard (Timothy Omundson) ending the travels with the pirates and returning to solid land. Focused on returning Richard to his kingdom and saving Isabella (Karen David), who has been kept prisoner these many months by her adolescent cousin (Kemaal Deen-Ellis) who plans on marrying her, Galavant's journey is sidetracked as he and Richard become lost in the Enchanted Forest. And by Enchanted Forest I mean the gay pub in the middle of the woods run by Kylie Minogue who refuses to let the heroic leading man leave.

Splitting focus between Galavant and Richard's journey, the troubles in Valencia, and the life in Prince Harry's court, the focus of the season premiere is a bit scattered but there's plenty here for fans of the show (even if the premiere lacks a great musical number). It seems Galavant and Richard are going to be stuck with each other for the foreseeable future giving the Second Season more a bromance feel while Galavant remains disconnected from those he cares for most... at least for now.

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