Monday, January 4, 2016

Morning Glories #49

The day has arrived. Morning Glories #49 brings three ongoing stories to a head as the student elections, the Towerball tournament, and the Science Fair all occur in the first-half of the two-part season finale. While both Casey and Daramount assume Ike cheated to allow Casey's unexpected win, the comic teases something else by tying Casey's speech, her fainting spell, the Cylinder, and the election results all together in something far complicated that stuffing a ballot box.

Just as unlikely as Casey's win, Guillaume's plan to do the impossible and win Towerball with the Blue Team is equally successful suggesting fallout for both parties in next month's issue.

As to the third storyline involving Vanessa's entry into the Science Fair (which would allow someone inside the Academy to stay in contact with the outside world), it seems to put her on the path of the older version of herself we've seen in the Academy's dungeon, but it also seems to be of less importance than either of the other two stories. Worth a look.

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