Monday, January 18, 2016

Elementary - A Burden of Blood

When the daughter of an incarceration serial killer (Michael O'Keefe) is murdered in his preferred method Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) take the case. Given the nature of the murder at first the detectives suspect a revenge killing by a relative of one of the serial killer's many victims. The discovery of an unexpected pregnancy as the result of an affair also provides multiple new suspects.

"A Burden of Blood" suffers a little from guest-star syndrome many crime-of-the-week shows can occasionally run into. Easily the most recognizable of this week's guest-stars, Noah Bean is the obvious choice for the killer, although "A Burden of Blood" does a fairly good job of keeping the motive for the murder hidden for a large chunk of the episode.

The episode opens with a B-story involving Watson helping Bell (Jon Michael Hill) train for the sergeant's exam (although Holmes initially suspects something far more tawdry). Realizing the detective isn't interested in the promotion as a way to further his career but in need of extra cash to keep up with expenses, Holmes finds a way to solve the case in a way where Bell is able to remain in his current position while bending the rules slightly in order to profit from solving the case.

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