Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Longmire - Highway Robbery

Bringing back two of the former deputy candidates, "Highway Robbery" sends Walt (Robert Taylor) on an investigation into a highway robbery and murder that left one dead and one unreliable witness (David Dean Bottrell) to the crime. The episode deals with one of the primary themes of the show in examining forgiveness versus vengeance as Walt discovers the crippled survivor of the attack was put in that condition by his dead "friend." Despite marveling at the man's ability to befriend the person responsible for his condition, Walt's own experience with revenge makes the sheriff unable to completely buy the lone witness' account of events.

Travis' (Phillips) return is quite humorous, both in his discovery of the crime scene and especially given his mother's reaction to the Sheriff showing up on their door, while Ford's is far more ominous. Just what is the former soldier doing with the recording he made of Ferg (Adam Bartley) and what plans does he have involving the sheriff and his deputies? The episode also continues Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) down the path as the new Hector which will lead to some major consequences over the next couple of episodes.

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