Monday, January 11, 2016

Galavant - Aw, Hell, the King

Galavant (Harry Collett) and Richard (Timothy Omundson) make their way back to Richard's kingdom in need of the king's army to help rescue Isabella (Karen David) only to discover the subjects have demolished the castle, using various pieces to build up the town, and are living in a democracy that isn't too keen on invading another kingdom. Neither Richard's attempt to find a new role within the democracy nor Galavant's attempt to rally the villagers to their aid proves fruitful as the pair leaves with only a single new supporter: Richard's childhood friend Roberta (Clare Foster).

Finding no army to bolster their cause, the threesome head out looking for other potential allies on the road to Hortensia. Things are no better for Isabella as her parents introduce the bride-to-be to a wedding planner (Robert Lindsay) who fits her with a tiara meant to control her mind or for Sid (Luke Youngblood) who finds himself ordered to solve Gareth's (Vinnie Jones) night terrors brought on by the guilt of betraying his best friend. Sid, in a humorous (and completely ridiculous) scene, is able to put Gareth's mind at ease. The puppet master gives the bride-to-be a sunnier disposition concerning the subject of her betrothal, but we'll have to wait and see what the end purpose behind the mind-controlling tiara could be.

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