Sunday, January 17, 2016

iZombie - Method Head

Liv (Rose McIver) earns her way back into Babineaux's (Malcolm Goodwin) good graces when she helps solve the murder of a cast member on her favorite soap opera "Zombie High." Chowing down on the pretenious actor's brains also gives the zombie detective some added acting ability which will come in handy to close the case. In the wake of breaking up with Major (Robert Buckley), Liv and her former beau also must deal with Ravi's (Rahul Kohli) news that the zombie cure is only temporary.

Given the show's need to keep it's main character involved in the murder of the week it's not surprising that iZombie doesn't waste much time in getting Liv and and Babineaux back on the same page. Major takes the news of becoming a zombie again better than Blaine (David Anders), but we'll have to wait and see to discover what such a shakeup could mean for the Liv and Major. It's not all bad news for the social worker turned physical trainer and zombie hunter as Major earns the trust of Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber) while continuing to spy on his boss and find a way out of current predicament.

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