Monday, January 25, 2016

Elementary - Murder Ex Machina

Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) are called in to investigate the murder of a Russian oligarch whose Ukrainian assassins were killed only minutes later when their car's computer was hacked leading to a deadly car crash. The show spends more time on the second murders, and the unusual method of their demise, which leads the detective pair to a software company and the introduction of a new recurring character in the autistic cat-loving hacker Mittens (Betty Gilpin) who helps Holmes catch their killer (Josh Cooke).

"Murder Ex Machina" weaves an intriguing web as Watson and Holmes hunt for their killer. Looking into rival companies and even the state of New York as those with motives for the murder, eventually the pair pinpoint the true motive for the crime. The episode's B-story involves Joan spending more time with Morland Holmes (John Noble) whose actions seem to suggest he wanted both Watson and Sherlock to know about his recent brush with death while wanting the detectives to work out the particulars on their own. As to just who wants the elder Holmes dead, and what he truly needs with Sherlock, is still one mystery the show's writers continue to keep shrouded... at least for now.

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