Thursday, October 19, 2017

Legends of Tomorrow - Freakshow

Trying to prove their worth, and using a list of time anachronisms stolen from Rip Hunter's (Arthur Darvill) new organization, the Legends head back to a circus in 1870 where they turn a low-level disturbance into something far more dangerous before eventually saving time once more. Given that the threat involves a sabertooth tiger out of its natural element, the group also decides to call on the help of Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) whose reasons for returning to the past are finally explained. Most of the humor is at the expense of our main characters, as they make a situation ten times worse before making things better, but that seems to be the theme of the show's Third Season which I'm happy enough to see continue (and I still think Booster Gold would fit in perfectly as a Legend).

While the relationship drama between Nate (Nick Zano) and Vixen is pretty standard stuff, it does help set the stage for the Legends to get into more trouble as more and more of them are abducted by the unscrupulous P.T. Barnum (Billy Zane). As for Vixen's return, I'll admit I was surprised by the choice although I do think the team works best with a more rounded group of time travelers and I'm happy to see her return. There are a few nods to the larger DCU here including one of the carnies dressed quite a bit like B'wana Beast (though lacking the character's bizarre abilities). The show has also begun to foreshadow the larger (mysitical?) threat against the team which will include a character fans of the animated Vixen series may remember.

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