Thursday, October 19, 2017

SEAL Team - Ghosts of Christmas Future

Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) and his team head to Estonia to grab a Serbian war criminal turned weapon supplier who Mandy's (Jessica Paré) mentor (Brian Howe) has been after most of his career. The already complicated snatch-and-grab is made even harder when one of the target's bodyguards turns out to know Jason, his team, and their methods. Things don't get any easier for Mandy when she discovers her old friend is so invested in the operation he has played fast and loose with the facts to get her team to put themselves in a dangerous position. The CIA intrigue is a nice twist while once again the action in the field, the planning, and necessary improvisation, all play to the show's strengths.

Civilian life gives us trouble with Jason's son at school, Jason spending time with his ex, and more of Clay Spencer (Max Thieriot) and Stella (Alona Tal) as the new girlfriend meets the infamous father (C. Thomas Howell) who I guess we're supposed to dislike because Clay does (but given he's the show's biggest asshole, and most unlikable character, that's hardly a compelling reason). We also get more of the mystery cellphone woman as the show adds some suspense to the B-plot suggesting more was going on with the team's former member and the woman he was calling on a burner phone than just a casual affair.

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